Selling Your Luxury Property

Selling luxury real estate is in a class of its own. Emerald Coast Luxury’s team of luxury real estate experts know how to effectively market luxury properties in Northwest Florida. Here is a bit of insight into how our agents market luxury properties.

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First Impressions Matter

From enhancing curb appeal with updated landscaping and hardscaping to hiring a professional interior designer to stage your property, there are several ways to captivate a buyer the moment they see your property – in person or online.

Luxury Property Staging LandscapingWhether the first time a buyer sees your home is in person or online, most of the time they see the exterior first. That is why is is very important to have the property freshly landscaped, have the exterior and hardscaping areas cleaned and discuss with a skilled landscaper if there are any special features that would enhance the exterior of your property.

Properly staging your property to appeal to the market’s current buyers is one of the most important parts of making the best sell. With Northwest Florida being home to many highly recommended, experienced and nationally recognized interior designers, we will help you choose the designer that can most effectively merge your personal style and what current buyers are looking for, while highlighting the property’s most alluring features.



Effective Marketing

Luxury Property Marketing Virtual TourTaking the lead from well-established and successful businesses, we market your luxury property in multiple ways. Selling a luxury property is a very important business transaction and that’s why we market every luxury property listing the same way we would market a business. By utilizing print ads, direct mail marketing, email marketing and online marketing, our listings have the level of exposure needed to draw in the best qualified buyers.

We provided all of our luxury property listings with detailed, professional and current marketing pieces. We also offer a tiered marketing system for sellers who want to move above our initial marketing package and increase their property’s exposure through brochures, custom websites and more.


Teamwork Works

Luxury Home Seller FloridaAs your trusted real estate advisor, we take everything into consideration when selling your luxury property. First and foremost, we want you to be satisfied and happy with our relationship. While that ultimately means selling your property at the top price, we are always honest with you about market conditions, your property’s needs and the list price.

We want to be sure you have realistic goals about the sell of your property so that you are 100% satisfied with the outcome. The more we share with you, the better you are able to make decisions that will work in your best interest. Working with you, as a team, to make the best decisions in the sell of your luxury property means we all come out on the winning side.



Give Extra Incentives

Most luxury properties have a few special features that make buyers fall in love with the property. Sometimes those features are not necessarily part of the property, for example, custom furniture, exclusive art or even a boat or car. Sometimes just one bonus feature added to the deal can help make the transaction perfect for the seller and buyer.



Price It Right

Luxury Property Sold PriceNo matter how many ways we market a luxury property, how beautiful the landscaping, or how many extra features are added, the only way to sell the property is to price it right. We have extensive local market knowledge and provide you with timely market research to help determine the best selling price for your luxury property.

Luxury properties typically take more time to sell than lower-priced properties. So, listing the property for the correct price means it will sell sooner and decrease the amount of time is is listed. The longer the property has been listed, the more likely buyers are to submit lower priced bids. When you hire Emerald Coast Luxury to sell your property, we want to do it right and that means pricing it right!



Do you have more questions about selling your luxury home?

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